International 8600 TranStar Parts

Custom and replacement parts are available at 4 State Trucks for your International 8600 TranStar including 18" chrome tapered, boxed or rolled end bumpers with tow, step and fog light holes, rear center light panels and light bar kits with 3.75" spacing. We have Oversize Load or Wide Load signs, 6' x 6' x 6' blue coil tarps, 4" portable cargo winches and Load-n-Lock Anti-Theft Storage Systems. We stock 3-door enclosed headache racks, 3:36 ratio differential Eaton front units, plastic aluminum or copper brass radiators, 6" x 108" chrome flat top stacks with mounting hardware, mufflers and 8" chrome rain caps for miter top stacks. We also supply 72" Hogebuilt stainless steel full fenders, 20" aluminum sectional deck plates with recessed tool boxes, chrome plastic grilles with bug screens, 7" round headlights with LEDs, 4" x 6" stainless steel rectangular flat headlight visors, Heat and AC parts, hood shells, 3 or 4 trumpet horizontal chrome train horns (left or right), custom pedals, black proprietary thermoplastic floor mats, 16" aluminum 3 spoke steering wheels, replacement pyrometers, Trux Accessories dual revolution amber to green lighting, work lights and black rubber chevron mud flaps. Check out our variety of air lines, wide lip tapered glad hand seals, Bostrom Wide Ride II standard base High Back seats, Seats, Inc. Legacy LO seats, Bawer 18" stainless steel single door tool boxes, RoadWorks or WAB metal polish, 6" adjustabe crescent wrench or slip joint pliers, balancers, Crossfire tire equalizers and complete hub cover kits with (60) 33mm push-on nut covers.