With a variety to choose from, 4 State Trucks has the mud flaps and mud flap accessories to fit your International 8600 TranStar. We offer mud flap mounting bolt kits, 2" x 24" top mud flap weights, mud flap accents, stainless steel 4" x 24" bottom mud flap weights, stainless steel anit-sail plates for trailers, mud flap hanger light bars, 30" angled mud flap hangers and Fast Flap quick mount and release mud flap mount kits. We also stock 24" x 30" plain red fiberglass reinforced rubber mud flaps, Aerodynamic Spray Breaker mud flaps, black rubber chevron mud flaps, black or white 4 State Trucks plastic mud flaps, Chrome Shop Mafia black rubber mud flaps, purple ribbed plastic mud flaps and black polypropylene mud flaps.