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We’re excited that you’ve joined us on our Facebook Fan page, and we know you’ve got plenty to say.  At 4 State Trucks our mission is our purpose: commitment to being the leader in the heavy-duty trucks parts aftermarket industry by providing customers with the best parts, at the best price with the best customer service.

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At 4 State Trucks home of the Chrome Shop Mafia, we hope you enjoy our daily posts and contributions to the Facebook trucking community.  Feel free to jump in and Keep on Truckin’!




“I hereby authorize the repair work hereinafter set forth to be done with the necessary material and agree that you are not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or articles left in vehicle in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond your control or for any delays caused by you, your employees, or your suppliers, or delays from the unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments by your, the supplier or transporter.  I hereby grant you and/or your employees permission to operate the vehicle herein described on streets, highways, or elsewhere for the purpose of testing and/or inspection.  An express mechanic’s lien is hereby acknowledged on above vehicle to secure the amount of repairs and/or storage on the vehicle”

1. IMPORTANT:  THIS (“Repair Order”) CONSISTS OF THE TERMS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN AND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH AT  (“Terms and Conditions”) WHICH ARE FULLY INCORPORATED HEREIN BY THIS REFERENCE.  Execution of this Repair Order shall constitute Customer’s agreement to the terms of this Order, including the Terms and Conditions.  Customer acknowledges that, upon Customer’s request, Customer may obtain a print-out of the Terms and Conditions from Dealer prior to executing this Repair Order.  Customer represents that Customer has had an opportunity to read and understand the terms of this Repair Order, including the Terms and Conditions.  Customer’s acceptance of this Repair Order is limited to Customer’s execution of this Repair Order as required below, and no contract or agreement for the above-described service work, repairs and related work (“Service Work”) on the above-said motor vehicle(s) (“Vehicle”) will be formed except pursuant to and as permitted by this Repair Order.  This Repair Order represents the entire and integrated agreement between the Customer and Dealer regarding Service Work to the Vehicle and cancels and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, or agreements, either oral or written.  Additional or substitute terms will not become part of this Order unless accepted in writing signed by an authorized manager of Dealer.

2. Customer understand that Dealer bills based on the industry standard repair time for the work performed, and that diagnostic time will be billed at time and materials.  Each Repair Order is subject to one (1) hour minimum labor charge.

3. Customer hereby authorizes Dealer to perform the Service Work on Vehicle.

4. Customer and any person executing this Repair Order on behalf of Customer represents and warrants to Dealer that Customer owns the Vehicle or has been duly authorized by the owner of the Vehicle to order the Service Work.

5. Unless otherwise directed in writing by the Customer, customer hereby authorizes Dealer to immediately dispose of any used parts, goods, or materials removed from the Vehicle during the performance of Service Work.

6. Customer hereby authorizes Dealer and its employees to operate the Vehicle for purposes of testing and inspecting the Vehicle at the risk of the Customer.

7. Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that if Customer fails to pay for the Service Work, Dealer will have a lien against the Vehicle and Customer hereby authorizes to retain or retake possession of the Vehicle if customer fails to pay for the Service Work.

8. Any person signing this Repair Order on behalf of Customer represents and warrants that he/she is of legal age to execute binding contracts in this state and he/she has been duly authorized to sign this Repair Order on behalf of Customer.

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If you have any additional questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us: 

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Four State International Trucks, Inc. 
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PO Box 1691 
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Phone: 417-624-2900 
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