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4-State - Big Rig Wheels
4-State - Big Rig Wheels

We like to imagine that when we shut off the lights in our parts warehouse at night, all the bits and pieces that make up the baddest rigs on the road compete for the title of Most Important. You can't blame the engines or the brake pedals for feeling like they deserve to win, but we bet it's the wheels that always come out feeling the most smug. After all, your rig ain't going anywhere without wheels.

Now, from choosing the right big rig wheels down to accessorizing them for various benefits and overall killer appearance, we've got the stock you need to accomplish your goals.

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Factory trucks generally come outfitted with steel truck wheels. While we do have these in our stock should you need them, our far more popular items are definitely the aluminum and chrome semi wheels.

Our aluminum truck wheels come in 22.5 and 24.5 SIZES and are produced by top-of-the-line brands Accuride and Alcoa. But, if you've got that insatiable craving for chrome that often comes hand-in-hand with being a professional trucker, we are proud to offer chrome-plated aluminum truck wheels by RealChrome!

The visual quality of upgrading from steel to aluminum or chrome big rig wheels isn't a decision you'll regret.

Whether you've decided to upgrade or are sticking with good ol' steel truck wheels, you'll need basic bits and pieces for upkeep and monitoring of your tires and wheels while you're out there earning a living.

We carry tire pressure equalizers by Crossfire that will extend the life of your tires. You simply mount the valve between your dual tires (and you should find it's an easy install to the lug, hub cab, or drive axle end with any big rig wheels). The Crossfire will monitor your pressure level and extend the life of your tires by up to 20%.

Centramatic's wheel balancers are also available in our shop, which are quick and easy to install, an incredibly reliable piece of equipment and a dollar-saving accessory for extending the life of your tires.

Beyond that, we've got semi wheel lug nut covers and hub covers covering dozens of styles. It may seem like a small detail to an untrained eye, but we say why waste an opportunity to show off your individuality in every possible detail?

If you need something even more basic, like simulators, valve stem caps, or just a paint marker, we've got that too. 4-State's wheel shop has covered its bases for one of the most important components of a functioning big rig.

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