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Chromed Aluminum Wheel 22.5in Hub Pilot - Steer or Drive

Chromed Aluminum Wheel 22.5in Hub Pilot - Steer or Drive

Chromed Aluminum Wheel, 22.5” x 8.25” Hub Pilot Wheel.

The Real Chrome brand uses the proprietary RealChrome electroplating process, and represents truly luxurious products that provide a beautiful, bright, maintenance free and durable chrome plated finish that outlasts all other available decorative bright finishes. Just wash our chrome plated wheels with soap and water to maintain their beautiful bright, reflective appearance for many, many years.

Caring for RealChrome is simple:

Real Chrome plated wheels, plated with the proprietary RealChrome process, will maintain their bright mirror electroplated finish for many, many years. Frequent, normal washing using a clean terry cloth towel with simple soap (dish soap) and water is recommended. Chrome cleaners free of any acids can be used to clean stubborn areas.

DO NOT USE cleaning solutions containing hydrofluoric, oxalic or most other acids on chrome plated products.

Using clean, clear water, ensure the product is thoroughly rinsed of any cleaning solutions. Special care must be taken to rinse the balance weights, wheel nuts, and lug nut caps.

*** 5 Year Limited Warranty. Warranty On Wheel Only. Chrome Plating Not Covered Under Warranty.

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