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Semi-Truck Polishing
Semi-Truck Polishing

Sometimes we get to that sweet spot with our trucks where every gadget, customization, and widget possible has been added and tweaked to perfection. Nothing's left to build onto our beloved rig, so now it's time to make it gleam, because let's face it - no matter how tricked out your big rig is, if it's grimy and dull, no one will give it a second look out there on the road.

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Chrome and truck polish is a big honkin' industry, carrying an endless array of polishes, cleaners, and waxes, all promising to give you the best shine and endurance out there. With our years of experience making rigs road-worthy and camera ready for national television, you can trust us to stock only the most trustworthy brands to give your rig the shine you're after.

Firstly, we carry full polishing kits if you've never been particularly good at semi-truck polishing or are taking your first go at it. Everything that you'll use for your first go-around with polishing is included. Inside, you'll find everything you need to upgrade the appearance of your exterior, including finishing cloths and a complimentary polishing product.

If you're seasoned and ready to go, we carry everything individually. We have metal truck polish, cleaner, and wax from top brands, including Zephyr Polishing Products, Mojo, White Diamond, Busch and other great manufacturers. Let us recommend the merits of everything we have in stock if you're looking for a specific result or if you just aren't sure where to start.

Once you have those, we can outfit you with the necessary tools from rouge bars to buffing pads and wheels, safety flanges and tooling so you can detail your truck like a professional and apply your polishing products in a safe way that won't leave any scratches or swirl marks.

And don't give your exterior all the love! Your rig's interior is just as important for the upkeep of the quality of your truck and the overall impression it gives. Keep your interior clean and sparkling with our deodorizers and hand cleaners as well as interior-specific cleaning supplies. Semi-truck polishing should extend to every nook and cranny of your truck, after all!

Are your aluminum truck wheels looking a little dingy and dull? Come by our store and have the boys put our VIS robotic wheel polisher to work on your rims! This high tech automated polishing machine will make your semi truck rims look nearly new in no time at all.

Remember, we've got you covered from the first conversation about where to begin on polishing up your new truck all the way down to high-quality microfiber towels and polishing cloths to make your truck absolutely glow after polishing and outshine everyone and everything else on the road.

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