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Semi-Truck Mudflaps
Semi-Truck Mudflaps

Semi-Truck mud flaps are one of those rare accessories that allow for almost unlimited options to personalize your rig while still providing a vital function. They add to the longevity of your truck and provide a little peace of mind as you travel down the long highway.
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Let's start with the most popular options. Our best seller is the CSM Mudflap! We also stock a great variety of branded mud flaps, including names like Freightliner and Harley Davidson as well as our own Chrome Shop Mafia brand.

If standard mud flaps aren't your thing, we offer flaps in solid colors and even chrome plated ones that will look sharp out there on the road. 4-State Trucks also features a variety of flap trim and accents to spruce up the overall look of your tractor or trailer.

Big rig mud flaps will require just a little care after installed, and we've got all the bits and pieces you're going to need to make sure they are looking great, safe, functional, and stylish before you set out on your next trip.

Weights and top trim plates are available in both chrome and stainless steel for easy assembly and increased lifespan of your flaps. We also carry anti-sail brackets and plates offered by our experts for the most dependable performance on the market.

CSM also has flap hangars specifically for big rig mud flaps that are spring loaded and come with or without tail lights. Here you can customize bolt patterns and even opt for a full-width one piece rear light bar if you so desire.

We carry the full gamut of compatible styles for the variety of truck makes and models currently on the road and would be happy to help you find your best match.

And, don't forget the importance of finding the correct truck mud flap for its intended placement and use. For example, if it's for your front fender or you need quarter fender flaps, don't be afraid to ring us up and find out which styles are right for that area of your truck.

Take your time having a look through our selection of semi truck mud flaps and accessories. While it might not be the most permanent fixture on your rig, it is one people will undoubtedly notice as they cruise behind you, and therefore, we figure it warrants a good amount of consideration and thought.

In any event, we appreciate how such a cost-effective and useful little part can make such a big difference to the personality of a well-styled truck.

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