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Diesel Fuel Tanks

The importance of a semi-truck fuel tank is one of those things that doesn't need much explaining. A leak can be disastrous and expensive, and replacing your fuel tank is one of those endeavors that's less about improving the look of a rig than it is about making sure it runs properly.

That's why the industry has moved almost exclusively toward aluminum fuel tanks, which are resistant to corrosion and less likely to crack or puncture.

Unfortunately, aluminum fuel tanks can set you back a hefty amount when purchased directly from a dealership. That's why 4-State manufactures our own heavy truck fuel tanks, compatible with nearly all makes and models, and for less than half the price of an OEM semi-truck fuel tank.

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With 10 years of manufacturing experience, a one-year warranty, and huge savings over OEM tanks, opting for 4-State when you're in the market for a new semi-truck fuel tank should be a no-brainer.

There's no need to be concerned about quality. You'll find our tanks expertly crafted, constructed of high-quality aluminum. Nothing hits our shelves that isn't fully comparable to the factory equipment you can find for double the price at a dealership. We've got most common sizes already in stock and ready to ship or be picked up. If you require custom sizing, we manufacture custom heavy truck fuel tanks with just a 45 day lead time.

Our semi-truck fuel tanks come with filler necks and plumbing similar to what you'll find in a factory part. They are built to accommodate quick and easy installation so you can focus on more important things.

We also carry lots of fuel tank accessories, including fuel caps, tanks, straps, vents, strap insulation, and all the other bits and pieces you may need to complete your new tank installation.

Our priorities focus around customer satisfaction, durability, and value. We want to make sure that when you buy your semi-truck fuel tank from us, you are not only getting the best deal on the market from a trusted manufacturer, you're getting something that will serve you well down the road, and the peace of mind that if, for any reason at all, it doesn't work out, we warranty our parts for an entire year after purchase.

We want to know how we're living up to those goals. If you've purchased a fuel tank from us, give us a ring and let us know how it's working out. We strive to improve our business on a daily basis, and our customers are always top priority.

So, let us save you some money and outfit you with a top-of-the-line aluminum fuel tank. Give us a call or order online today.

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