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Semi Truck Exhaust

When your truck rolls out of the factory, it is likely already sporting a factory-designed exhaust system. These are about 5" in diameter and extend up from the muffler to serve their purpose of releasing exhausted fuel fumes and that purpose only.

We consider that a major wasted opportunity for visual bang. As our customers know, a lot of owner-operators out there prefer custom chrome exhaust at least 6" wide. For the more daring trucker, the options only get bigger from there, peaking at a loud and proud 10" pipe meant for catching as many eyes as possible on the road and at truck shows.

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Luckily in the last several years, chrome design has evolved greatly. 3 piece kits make installation and customization in a variety of styles not only possible but much easier to accomplish.

And it's not just about looking pretty, either. Trading in your standard OEM semi-truck exhaust for straight chrome exhaust pipes and a non-baffled performance muffler, you will generally see improvements in your horsepower and fuel economy. That in itself is worth writing home about. Some necessary wisdom if you're about to take the plunge and install a set of pipes on your rig:

- If your new exhaust system is straight chrome piping, you'll need to install a 30" or longer muffler under the truck OR get custom straight pipes with an internal "quiet spool." This will meet legal muffler requirements.
- Most states will require a muffler/spark arrestor on the vehicle
- Many states also require a heat shield on the chrome exhaust as well.
- Installation time on a complete dual chrome stack kit with elbows generally averages out at 6-8 hours of work.

You may also want to consider installing chrome grab handles near your new stacks so you don't burn the everlovin' heck out of yourself when climbing into your rig. Consider it both good looking and good sense, as the temptation to grab onto those stacks when you're swinging into the drivers' seat will get you if you don't have the handle option.

Between bigger, better stacks, our recommendation of the chrome grab handles, and your now-improved knowledge about the benefits of all of them, we feel pretty comfortable expressing that it's hard to make a bigger change to the look of your truck than adding big, shiny pipes. Take pride in your stacks. As boss-man Bryan Martin says, "A truck with no stacks looks kinda like a bull with no horns. It just ain't right."

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