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3 In ONE AirPower Line 15ft

3 In ONE AirPower Line 15ft.  invented the AirPower Line to solve snagging and damage of straight hookup lines for users who prefer not to use coiled lines. Fully factory-assembled, the AirPower Line combines all of the best features of Tectran’s rubber air hose and ABS cable assemblies into one convenient bundle that installs in minutes. Several options available.

The 3 in ONE AirPower Line Contains:
- Service Air Line
- Emergency Air Line
- ABS Power Line (green)
all enclosed in spiral wrap.

Hanger bracket mounting assembly included for easy suspension.

Red and Blue FLEX-Grips for easy identification and gladhand connection.

Air lines have swivel fittings at tractor end for quick installation.

Power Line is fully ABS compatible.

  • SKU: 09-055400
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR

  • $165.00 SET

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