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D-2 Governor Bendix

D-2 Governor Bendix. The governor, operating in conjunction with
the compressor unloading mechanism, automatically
controls the air pressure in the air brake or air supply
system between the desired, predetermined maximum
and minimum pressures. Normal air pressure in
all Freightliner vehicles is 95 to 125 psi (655 to 862
kPa). The compressor runs continuously while the
engine runs, but the actual compression of air is controlled
by the governor actuating the compressor unloading
mechanism, which stops or starts compression
when the maximum or minimum reservoir
pressures are reached. The D-2 governor has a piston
upon which air pressure acts to overcome the
pressure setting spring, and control the inlet and exhaust
valve to either admit or exhaust air to or from
the compressor unloading mechanism.
D-2 governors have mounting holes, which allow for
direct mounting to the compressor.
Porting consists of 3 reservoir ports (1/8-inch NPT), 3
unloader ports (1/8-inch NPT), and 1 exhaust port
(1/8-inch NPT).

  • SKU: 29-073000
  • Warranty: 6 MONTHS

  • $22.50 Each

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