Chrome Bumpers vs Stainless Steel Bumpers

  Ultimately, the hardest decision you make when purchasing a truck bumper is whether to go with chrome or steel.  Both have that shiny silver appeal that truckers dream of, so which is the better option for price, look, and longevity?  Let’s explore the differences:

Chrome Bumpers:

•    The biggest advantage of chrome for many buyers is its affordability.  Chrome bumpers will be cheaper than their steel counterparts.

•    A superior finish quality to the steel bumper

•    The biggest disadvantage is that chrome is not rust-resistant, so it may eventually peel or rust, which could give your front bumper the appearance of having been worn down by weather and time.

Stainless Steel Bumpers:

•    The higher quality of the steel will guarantee that your truck bumper will never rust or peel.

•    After some time in use, the softer metal of the stainless steel will acquire a sand-blasted appearance.  Though this has technically mottled the finish of the steel, it is not an unattractive look and is often done purposefully on items made of stainless steel.

Once you decide on your materials, you may still get a bit of a shock at all the options you have for customizing your bumper.  

Your length options range from heights of 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”.  For the flashier among you, beware the front bumpers standing 20” or taller, you’ll need additional support for those bad boys if you want to avoid vibration and shaking.  You can get support arms that attach from the chassis to the bottom edge of the bumper to handle this, so as long as you go in with the knowledge of what you’ll need, a taller bumper is still a safe play.

There are literally hundreds of different variations of the bumper shape, from the traditional box to the Texas style bumper to the new American Eagle bumper craze.  Browse the 4-State chrome shop for more ideas or give us a ring if you need some truck bumper wisdom and guidance. 
That is what we’re here for, after all.