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Fukken Wax 17.5 OZ Can

Fukken Wax? YES, Fukken Wax is the RGS Labs’ Euro-Style Wax that first took off in the European market. With secret European waterless formula, this products is far superior then the rest.

It will make your car shine for a long, long time. Fukken Wax is the best car wax on the market today, and other car wax companies are sadly trying to catch up. Fukken Wax and RGS Labs outlast the competition through innovative strategies and a tenacious need to be the best. Everyday, chemists are discovering new ways to increase the line and improve the already-best wax formula on the market.

  • SKU: 09-1703001
  • Warranty: NONE

  • $14.95 EACH

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