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SmartCam HD2 Dash Cam - Digital Dash Camera

The SmartCam HD2 Dash Cam is ideal for everyday use as once you complete the easy set up in your vehicle it will automatically begin recording when your car ignition is turned on and will conveniently turn off a few seconds after the car ignition is switched off. It also has a motion detection feature which is ideal for security purposes.

In any accident the SmartCam is your best friend as it will record everything onto an SDHC card which can then be used to prove who was at fault and ultimately save you a big headache and increased insurance premiums.

The SmartCam HD2 Dash Cam is a great equalizer in a world where the blame game is often won by the party with the most convincing story. If a picture is worth a thousand words then it is assured a video will write a book in your defense when you need it most. If you work in the transportation industry you know how important it is to maintain a clean driving record – start today by placing an order for something that will become the most important tool you own.

Included with the SmartCam HD2 is a 16GB SD Memory Card, Car Charger, Car Holder, USB Cable, HDMI Cable, AV Cable and Instruction Manual.

  • SKU: 09-140501
  • Warranty: 6 MONTHS

  • $149.99 Each

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